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张飞跃完整版视频下载|雅迪燃油助力车Of course, lyu3 bu4 this guarantee in three people with nearly fifty thousand military forces back to the king's court, became a little superfluous, kui head is very warm will serve two people as guests, good wine good meat reception, banquet room is more hissing, and lyu3 bu4, but again suffered from the cold.Wei yan a sharp drink, account pawn quickly out of the battle, quickly back to wei yan back to reopen the formation.Ten thousand?

"Let's go, though we don't have the right to do so, but the leader treats me well, serving me with good wine and meat, and serving me with beautiful ladies, so let's just sneak around in a hurry." Lyu3 bu4 stood up from the cliff, patted the dust on his body, looked down at the cliff under the xianbei king's court, eyes flashed a glimmer of scorching, wei ch'ing, huo qubing, he lyu3 bu4 also can win, one day, he will xianbei again back to mobei, dare not south.Although the daughter left, Let lyu3 bu4 some sense of loss, But you can't dwell on it all the time, It makes people decadent, After a day of distraction, Lyu3 bu4 will giffin, d, pound, zhang embroidery and other stay around the general summoned, Hetao now has gradually stabilized, Menglang Hetao governance in good order, the conference semifinals in a variety of decrees, gradually towards the direction of the Han people assimilation, living, behavior and even some basic etiquette, law, this kind of thing exists, is to standardize some basic things of human society."Zilong, what do you think?" Pang Tong shook the kettle, Coming up the wall, A butt to zhaoyun side, glancing at the gates, And suddenly provoked back, this action let zhaoyun some irony, the gentleman yuan has great talent, but more often what is shown is nothing through the brain, since fear of heights don't sit up, sit up on the support also don't retract, but it is also because of this, he can mix with the army like zhaoyun these lu men.张飞跃完整版视频下载|Thinking of these things, in front of the abandoned imperial city in the eyes of wei also become particularly lovely, believe it won't take long, his wei's reputation, will be famous here.

张飞跃完整版视频下载|Xu togeher didn't answer, just quietly looking at cao cao."With your performance in the western regions, lyu3 bu4 will at least give you a miscellaneous general status, why go? Here is not good?" Pang tong puzzled look at zhaoyun, but see zhaoyun also a face of doubt toward him: "why? I have something on my face?"Two people before and after, to the sun is about to completely set, just back to the king's court, the king's tent, kui head is with several king's court chief will discuss what, lyu3 bu4, nature again by kui head excluded, for this, lyu3 bu4 is not surprised, there is always a time for him to ask himself.

I'm afraid in this woman's plan, he is not to woo, but to get rid of the people, but did not expect to give themselves on the contrary."Hey, you can't say that." Pang Tong leaned against the wall, Look at the sky way: "rule are such things, Is to break the old, set up a new, these things are very troublesome to you, in short, tell you a thing, lyu3 bu4 to do now, bigger than cao cao, lombardi, he wants to break this inherent thing, so he will stand on the opposite side of the family, this kind of thing, from ancient times to now, is a party was completely destroyed to end. ""Now that your excellency has planned everything well, what can Wang do to help you?" Wang Yong glanced at the ghost-like appearance of the guard behind Zhang Gu, a cold in the heart, hurriedly dry laughed.张飞跃完整版视频下载|





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