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泰兴棋牌游戏中心|大汉针灸笔Rest assured? How rest assured?"And the others! ?" CAI MAO looked at kuai liang with an ugly complexion.

Five years ago, zhou yu took advantage of the north and cao cao jingzhou army main force to lay siege to luoyang, on liu table back ground with a knife, jiangxia, slay Huang Zufu, migration Jiang Xiazhi people into the Yangtze river, this is jiangxia want to turned into a military town, become the bridgehead of jiangdong scoring jingzhou, but fall short, jingzhou army back at a critical moment, liu bei was palm relieving, plus 2 will be the most closed, Jiang Dongjun in jiangxia shaky, living out of jiangxia by liu bei."Husband ~" diao cicada for the first time with a complaining eyes stared at lv bu, just met the assassination, also ran out to eat, the nerve of the father and son is too rough."Afraid is the text if unfortunate words." Chen qun smiled sadly.泰兴棋牌游戏中心|"You and I are ministers of jiangdong, not of the court. Zhou yu looked at the mountains in the distance and smiled. "bo yan and xiao xian naturally saw something. In the long run, if our army could conquer jingzhou, lu bu would be the enemy.

泰兴棋牌游戏中心|"Lost dog, turn over your hand!" "Says Chen GUI ao.

Camp later lyu3 bu4 established five, a title of generals in ancient times is the guard lyu3 bu4, holds the martial arts will satisfy, but above the commander is too mediocre, has always been playing the role as lyu3 bu4 ducale, a title of generals in ancient times basically will not leave the camp lyu3 bu4 side, while the remaining four, pound shot of the camp is given priority to with infantry, and from the north palace area camp is most is the han qiang hu naturalization, although lyu3 bu4 disapprove of discrimination, but underneath, d is not too highly of roars camp, five elite, the real elite is d day by day and zhaoyun white horse camp equal."The Lord is at ease." Shook to shake a hand zhuge liang in the feather fan, lightly sigh a way: "soldiers on the policy, which cut, again under siege, light of this preparation by policy, mainly a firefight and remove the xiangyang, do not I stay, lyu3 bu4 marched in hanzhong, has too many things free day in master peace receiving xiangyang, but, under siege is the most wise man did not take, now xiangyang was isolated, CAI the offence of insurrection, have already lost the heart, in the city and all the people are eager to kernel Jesus comes, map, master rende throughout the world and all the peoples desires, this time without storm, will try to give priority to all the people in the city and open the gate.""Pang shiyuan was fond of using the sword in a tactical way. He fought a small battle and gained a lot. However, if he lost, he could hardly bear it. Chen gong smiled.泰兴棋牌游戏中心|





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