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好友同居 慢画|蔓妮韵官方网站Three people decided on a plan and immediately began to act, Pound continued to dig trenches around, And wei yan and blanc are close to find water, will bring water to nanyang city, although the project is huge, but they now have enough people, tens of thousands of people together, but six days, wei yan has dug through a canal, and pound has dug enough to quickly flow water into the trenches outside nanyang city.This blackspot today is absolutely deliberately aimed at their own, but when the goods so smart?"Nothing, then according to the meaning of winged virtue, dial you five thousand chosen men, go to drowning war, if you can break wei camp, then remember your first merit!" Zhuge liang shook his head, if can weaken each other's crossbow force, to zhang fei can, not necessarily lose to wei too much.

This is probably the original form of combat in this era, Fierce or bloody, when really into such a close battlefield, except few hundreds of war veterans can keep their heads, most people have been lost in this atmosphere of killing, in the noisy battlefield, only some specific horn or drums can wake them up.Xing Daorong just came back to reinstate, then heard the outside cry, his face is not difficult to look, and look at guan yu, a red face seems to have no change, but if you look carefully, you will find that guan yu's face is much more ruddy than usual."This..." They frown at the gate, the gate is pushed open from the outside.好友同居 慢画|Xie yun roared, drawing his sword to the king.

好友同居 慢画|"Here!" Xing Daorong see Guan Yu face rare show fatigue, As soon as my heart tightened, Hurriedly hand promised, See guan yu no other command, leave, began to command the men to repair the city, at the same time sent someone to inform liu bei zhang crazy, qu a broken, not only jiujiang, yu zhang all under, more importantly, opened the door of danyang, trapped sun quan in the records, wu county and danyang, as long as qu a hand, even if consumption can be sun quan to death.However, the Central Plains are different from other regions, the city, the terrain and the generals' quality and resilience were much better than those of the fragmented Hu tribes outside the region, Five creek pretty that leader although it seems to have no brains, but behind the zhuge liang but even pang tong to be vigilant characters, like today is a strange, if not wei yan with meter shoot sand mo ke, even if finally won, I'm afraid the loss is much greater than now.Sound camp soldiers and mercenaries slowly retreat from the western regions, see a dry jingzhou generals qi qi qi relieved, the guanzhong elite combat effectiveness, is really strong, if not in this way, the front battle, even without the guanzhong strong bow crossbow, jingzhou soldiers also have no much chance of victory.

At this moment, the two rockets outside the city one after the other rose to the sky, Ma turned his head to look, sink a track: "We agreed on a signal?""Lu Zheng!?" See lu zheng, wu jin can't help but cry out."I had no idea that the little lord, though young, had this plan in mind." Will send the news, pang tong not with a wry smile to the method is, they like lyu3 zheng this age, but not the ability.好友同居 慢画|




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