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做号工具q5877578|苗木黄页"Head, look over there, someone!" At this time, a soldier suddenly pointed to the direction outside the city exclaimed, surrounded by liu bijun officers and soldiers smell speech toward the direction of the soldiers pointed to look in the past."Cloud long, don't be angry!" Cao cao quickly stood up to appease the way.Of course, now think of these things too far, now the position of the lake mouth has been known by the jiangdong army, but can not continue to be as a place of grain, grain must be re-selected, and jingxiang soldiers need to stabilize morale.

Fell on the shield is good, at least can hold off, but if it falls in the crowd, instant flying, can to people, the most terrible is not power, but the other side of the ballista could continuously put arrows, so only a moment of time had already sent out a dozen hair, much of the front shield hand already hit fly up, the pound frightened, you know, xiaohong, now made of the best even crossbows, but also can even shot five hair, and precision"Rocket, shoot! Pound snorted angrily, taking advantage of the pause.Ford nodded and, without further questions, continued to follow zhuge liang to wander around the castle."Crossing the river? Lv meng was surprised to see zhou yu: "but the beacon tower... "做号工具q5877578|Zhou yu picked up a long spear from the ground, turned around and thrust it into zhang fei's throat. He did not pay any attention to the spear coming towards him.

做号工具q5877578|"Tai! Bully too much, that little thief stay away!" Cao xiu, livid, took off his bow and tried to shoot the maniac down with an arrow."Is it better for wen he to go by law yan or by filial piety?" "Lu asked."Jiangdong matter, the minister will do a good job of proper arrangements, will not let jiangdong become our army worries. Zhuge liang smiled.

"No, the plan is the same. We'll attack the mouth of the lake. But I won't do it."Presumptuous! Zhang ren's vision a li li, nu way: "public insult Lord male, you true when I dare not kill?""Eldest brother, little younger brother is incompetent, tired the three armies are damaged, nearly ten thousand children and children are defeated, the consiglists give us dozens of crossbow wagons were all burned down, little younger brother originally have no face to see big brother, but he commit suicide, not true husband, is to come back to apologize, please big brother hair. Guan yu knelt on the ground and said in a muffled voice.做号工具q5877578|




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