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天使之谷乱码|搜网站I don't know why the Lord has singled out you monkey cubs. But since you are selected by the Lord, you must become the best soldiers in the whole world as you are riding the elite troops of the general's house. Don't embarrass me by his mother!" Zhou cang was carrying a large sword, and his voice was so loud that it made my ears ring."What are you afraid of him for?" Agouri complained about his companion's cowardice.For a long time, lu lingqi stood up, her expression was a little more cold than it had been in the past, there was still something heroic in her features, but it seemed to be a little different, what is it? She doesn't even know.

"Pang tong, wen pin, these two daughters want to take away together, to the western region, also can help. Lu lingqi looked at lu bu, some vacant way, the two may have some name in jingxiang, but also not so that his father also surprised."Your excellency atoned, and the subordinates lost their manners." Zhang shook his head and looked at Chen gong dao with a wry smile."Okay, go get it." Lyu3 bu4 nod, the eagle this kind of thing, he before also only saw in the zoo.天使之谷乱码|Yueshi daying, yueshi wang pale face sitting in his tent, today finally keep, but tomorrow? Warriors have died in the casualty's injury, the rest to no more than three thousand people, is also a low morale, only truly led the troops, he didn't know what we can achieve the lyu3 bu4, but he can't do that, they play in the family, when lu bu those fierce like a Wolf, but in our own hands, like a sheep, were three ethnic coalition dozen reared its head.

天使之谷乱码|Lv bu thought a way to think: "then by you take 20,000 tuntian army tun yu hong farmers, carry on tuntian.""General, if we go on fighting like this, there won't be enough of us!" His deputy general looked at zhang he with a wry smile.Lyu3 bu4 eyes flashed a bit, not six months, the huns although he played last year was weakened, but in the last year, the huns can't so imposing manner, the huns of last year, is like a head only know rampaging beast, only need a little guidance, can oneself by myself, and now, lyu3 bu4 on the thirty thousand army of huns, experience a past huns can cause in his discipline!

Three hundred regiments of hussars came after lu bu, and every one of them leaned slightly on his side. His saber did not make too many splashes.Zhaoyun some messy, they left the central plains this year, what happened? Should be destroyed by cao cao lv bu, suddenly became the yong cool Lord, the hussar riding general, big man son-in-law?"Lord! The magnificent sea came to lv bu's side.天使之谷乱码|




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