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莒县点点网五清通体组合Original lyu3 bu4 escape from xuzhou, cao cao is actually have a chance to kill lyu3 bu4, alas, had lyu3 bu4 soldiers surrounded by micro will oligonucleotides, hundreds of people and cavalry, destroy it takes effort, and xuzhou trend at that time, lyu3 bu4 again, also not the body, who would have thought after eight years later, the lyu3 bu4 now has become a enough to resist the characters of governors all over the world, think about all feel ridiculous.This time, liu bei not zhuge liang's suggestion, and the fields to buckle down, other shops, all manor is for those who advocate their own small family, the lands, liu bei although can't imitate lyu3 bu4 hoopla, but in nanyang grope for many years, have their own a set of treatment method, the fields to the guan yu, zhang fei, but in private, but still belongs to liu bei.Jingzhou, xiangyang.

"Your majesty, I would like to surrender the whole country to the state of paikche. I only ask the king of the state of han to allow the hussar general to spare my people a living way. I am willing to pay back ten times the losses of your army in those years." The three envoys knelt down on the ground, crying and wailing, with a deep sense of despair in their voice.This is used to represent a period of the strong, not only refers to the martial arts, he pacified huiyong, cool, horse step the huns, the Wolf in the professional, divided lombardi, as the years lyu3 bu4 constantly sending the guanzhong culture to the kanto region, regardless of family willing to admit, lyu3 bu4 impact on the world, already in imperceptible in, with all kinds of consumer goods and the guanzhong area gradually penetrated to all over the world, lyu3 bu4 also look not to come out in the guanzhong before, but with lyu3 bu4 moved seat to luoyang, zhongyuan governors, and even family feels a pressure at the same time."It's zhang liao! Xia houyuan eyes slightly a rin, zhang liao is not an easy opponent.莒县点点网"Pei yi, you stay in the city!" < / p > < p > zhang liao ordered pei yi to stay in the city, he ordered eight thousand soldiers, from the main gate out of the city, although the current is not the opportunity to break the enemy, but zhang liao will not allow the cao army to take away any of the god of war crossbow.

莒县点点网"Three days? Yang bo sneered and said, "they have already said that if they don't give up after three hours, they will storm the enemy."Why the frown?" < / p > < p > baiji envoy left, liu xie see cao cao complexion is not good, hurriedly laughed."But these five years, to the time of death, the old husband is to think." Before zheng xuan and looked at lyu3 bu4, sigh a way: "a scholar, old feel some wrong, Confucianism centers, but in four hundred, Confucianism has been developed to the direction of a strange, itself not only have no progress, and most of the time, even the Confucian character is lost, the old have been thinking about it, what's so wrong, have also been to study, how to correct, Confucianism to pull to the right path."

Since lyu3 bu4 strategy has reached the purpose of hanzhong, the next, the battle JiZhou don't have to go, while cao cao up, Zang with two horses in the north, but zhang liao don't think the two men with xh beaten army, can block up main he spent in jizhou, zhaoyun, d the two elite, and cross the sea of this division has begun to blockade river, cao cao even if want to rescue, in the face of this army is overwhelmed, I'm afraid."Come on! Or I won't show what I can do!" Lv zheng laughed, while the hero will hit the ball out of the moment, swing the ball fly, the other side of jiang wei has been in place, a pole to hit the ball to fly out, had guan yong waiting there, catch the ball, quickly attack the other side of the goal.Although there is early psychological preparation, but when hearing xia houyuan confirmed the moment, cao cao still feel a blank, xia houyuan next words, a word did not listen to."Somebody." < / p > < p > for a long time, cao cao came back to god, hand up xiahou yuan, in front of the guard way: "please if, gongda and yuan often come here to discuss.莒县点点网




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