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蓝心湄老公|德丰基金"There's a fine line between brave and reckless." Lv bu looked up at his son and smiled on his cold face. "no matter the time or the action, he was very resolute. After he hit the ball, he escaped quickly and did not want to fight."Maidservant dare not say, that your frost emissary is really so said, she said that the Lord when alone into the xianbei court, to her...... Later, the Lord broke xianbei and put her back into guishuang. She had a 10-year engagement with the Lord." The maid bowed."Brother, their soldiers are beginning to retreat under the wall!" < / p > < p > ma dai took back the thousands of miles of mirror, looking at the side of the battle of ma chao.

"Cured it, of course." Lv zheng doubts way: "who can so stupid, because a little ache, cut off his finger directly.""Big brother rest assured!" Zhang fei promised one, and huang zhong each got a horse and a soldier respectively king fight the sound of the most intense two directions and go."Jingzhou temporarily not available!" Palace Chen took the giffin pass to intelligence, frown way: "now the kanto pack has been alliance, governors to crusade against the tetrarch trend already was forming, the later, however, this alliance has good for master moon people, if we cut in JingXiang, Cao Caobi won't sit still, instead, which may contribute to the world governors are forced to alliance, regardless of cao cao, and even asked about milan, can't see our occupation JingXiang."蓝心湄老公|"Degui." Cold voice sounded, Mrs CAI figure appeared in the hall, looking at a face frowning CAI MAO, indifferent way.

蓝心湄老公|Still have many central plains old and noble family accuse lv bu one's previous experience problem, a wu fu one's previous experience, how does the somebody else cao cao say to also be serious after famous family, have what qualification to compare with somebody else?Lyu3 bu4 nod, this idea also had, if can let your frost domestic attach, even if be only one part of, at least on the silk road, lyu3 bu4's discourse right will bigger, however that suspect oneself son of your frost king at present already by alleged regent overhead, calculate LAN zhan agree, send past not equal to throw oneself into a snare?Lyu3 bu4 is actually very hopes of a peaceful solution to the central plains, unify, is that for the central plains people, is definitely a great news, but now, the original idea or some take it for granted, lyu3 bu4 side while improving the position of vendors, but in warfare, but is still predominantly agricultural, and unable to unrest in its basic economic penetration way, in this case, to unify the central plains, in the end still can't avoid the first world war.

"If a hundred schools of thought contend, we can make progress together. The reason is very simple. The old man is stupid. Zheng xuan took a breath.Find a chair to sit down, lv bu leans on the back of the chair, close the eyes to Muse a way: "although this female does not have much ability, but ambition is not small, this matter is true and false difficult to distinguish."As since the sword master king jumps over, the world a few masters of fencing, history, natural unwilling annihilation in the troubled times, forgotten by the people, so, at that time, every seven years, was summoned, again to the requirement of cao cao, s o not hesitate promised, even if he knows that this is a slippery slope, he also want to in before the end of his life, out of this sword.蓝心湄老公|





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