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股票名词港印广告扇"Not good? Cao cao hesitated."You send someone to inform the cities, CAI MAO if really with the army to come, do not allow his horses into the city." Huang zu looked at huang shoot."Huangshu need not worry, I'm afraid the most important person in the world to frustrate lv bu is not the huangshu, but cao cao, who is a traitor in a turbulent time and the most powerful vassal besides lv bu. If cao meng DE sends someone to lobby jingxiang at that time, the huangshu should urge liu jingzhou to agree to the alliance. Zhuge liang smiled and said, "as long as liu jingzhou agrees to form an alliance, jiang dongsun's family will naturally join in. Then they will persuade liu zhang of yizhou in the name of righteousness.

Looking at a face of blunt lu bu, pang tong rolled his eyes, he is tired of almost no strength, too lazy to pay attention to lu bu, very disdainful pie mouth way: "duke or take good care of yourself, two yuan and cao cao alliance has become, the day of the army under the city, can not be far."When it comes to fighting, the general has never been afraid of anyone!" Lv bulang said with a smile.But previous class obviously is not suitable for the development and progress of human society, China has five thousand years of civilization, but if a careful study, you will find, since the qin shi huang united six countries, until the late qing dynasty, China has been a strange cycle repeats itself, the progress, don't say no, but compared to other western countries, middle kingdom, fundamental don't deserve the title, investigate its originalA lot of things, may be suitable for at that time, but with the development of The Times, nothing, is cured, only ruler, afraid of change, so people to suppress the development of them, so that vast country, eventually shameful to alien in the eyes of fat, lu bu is not fully nationalists, but since the coincidence, came to this age, its scope, nature hopes to this circle is the Chinese for thousands of years of cycle of breaking in advance, as for the future will go one step, but has nothing to do with lu bu.Li dian's eye suddenly brightened, twist a head to see toward those to be pulled down of baggages heavy, loudly way: "quick, go to those baggages heavy all to burn to me!"股票名词Reinforcements!

股票名词Far away, xiahou dun, xu huang is flying horses to come, usually lv bu has enough terror, at the moment of lv bu than before terror ten times.Jia xu shook his head and said, "xu has a different view from the duke.""In that case, why not sit still in the pass and wait for yuan cao to turn against him again?" Jia xu shook his head with a light smile and said: "the contradiction between yuan cao has been irreconcilable, even now under the pressure of the Lord together temporarily, but a long time, the internal will be born dirty, the minister thought, the Lord at this time should not be concerned about progress, and should keep all the fortress, the transfer of black mountain thieves, recuperation, waiting for the time to change.

"No need to be polite." Gao shun nodded his head and glanced at the zhaoyun beside lv lingqi."The Lord is right." Jia xu looked at lu bu and smiled."This guest must be from far away jiangdong?" The owner smiled and said, "I am the owner of this shop. You can call me the boss."股票名词




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