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村上里沙作品及图片|一体化盘"The Lord is wise." Judge with a little bow, although there are some shortcomings, but now the overall situation or to crusade against lv bu mainly, the other are secondary, the bohai sea 50,000 troops to support, at least the momentum will not be weak at cao cao."Now that Mr. A is dead, you and my brother should pull together." Patting guan yu did not hurt the shoulder, liu bei said with a smile: "although I do not know how the situation, but CAI MAO there I am afraid not, anyway, this soldier must be rescued, cloud long for me to think about, how I should do?

Chen gong shook his head and said, "the duke of the spring and autumn prosperity, but the palace is old and decently, the excellent left, the academy, and the works department set up the bookstore, one by one, can not put down, this lifetime, can see the duke set up such a foundation, enough.Lu bu's plan of pang tong is clear and clear. It is nothing but to divide jizhou family and people, to intensify the contradictions, and to build up lu bu's credibility in jizhou. In lu bu's words, that is called credibility.CAI MAO heart secretly sneer, face is a smile, to liu bei arch hands, no matter how to say, liu biao this brother-in-law face, he is not good not to give, but for liu bei huangshu identity, CAI MAO heart is secretly disdain.村上里沙作品及图片|The magnificent sea is unwilling to look at opposite camp, fist hammer hammer city wall battlery, exasperated way: "difficult way so helplessly let them leave?"

村上里沙作品及图片|"The words fell, a double tiger eyes a dull, lu fang and jiang lost in the dim eyes, the head slowly down, no longer silent."General! , four Biao Rwanda roars a ride who flicker forward at the same time, the country attaches a pull tube hai back, three other Biao ride who teamed up with Xu Ding fights in one place, three people together, cooperate with the tacit understanding, and at that time, Xu Ding cannot break through three people together to kill tube hai, hai saw pipe was back to the camp, not shout a voice, a flash of light, a Biao ride who head fall to the ground, then a total annihilation, the two Biao ride who block halved.Guan yu zheng zheng, unconsciously appeared in his mind before the words of lu lingqi, if not that sentence is good, now lu lingqi pricked out to say, but also some of the people, stuffy silent nodded: "everything, according to the eldest brother arrangement.

"Have boldness of spirit, that return leng stem what, contradict Lord male, corporal punishment once, 100 push-up body, do for me! Shall I treat you to dinner?" Lyu3 bu4 dozen square day draw halbert, complexion a change, restore devil state again."Uncle zhi took Mr. Iranian to the hall first, and I'll follow him." Liu bei wen yan, hurriedly stopped to scold, smile to small general way.村上里沙作品及图片|




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