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浴巾男泡夜店|辽机集团"Master, step root this time but with twenty thousand troops, the TaBaJi powder and begging fu tribe, only more than ten thousand military forces, even if not win, also won't lose?" Sentence tu and upright when standing behind lyu3 bu4, puzzled asked.All smell speech can not help but suddenly."Roar ~" a famous xianbei soldiers after the initial panic, began to frenzied to the people around the counter-attack, for a while, the whole tribe filled with fierce fighting sound.

"Really?" Xiongkuo sea scratched his head: "master, why don't we go hunting, distracted."And when lyu3 bu4 territory in the future, these decrees will also over time and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, even when the time comes to join lyu3 bu4 group family want to resist also can't resist.Night battle, for lyu3 bu4, has been a routine, cold dark eyes, looking at the distant camp of bright lights, like a staring at the prey of the wolf lurking quietly in the dark, occasionally xianbei knight accidentally close, will also be shot by the archer in the dark.浴巾男泡夜店|It's not easy to get here!

浴巾男泡夜店|Heard that someone want to see cao cao, as close to cao cao, xu chu nature to confirm, who knows xu togeher to see xu chu, but even don't want to reason, let xu chu quite angry.Chapter 43 InvitationOne hundred and fifty thousand troops, In the spacious canyon line up the army, ready to give these guys who want to raid a head-on blow, the horse pit outside the Yinfeng Gorge, although blocked the new charge road of Daxi, but will also block the military forces of the king's court outside the Yinfeng Gorge, let Daxin never have no worry about the back, can go all out to deal with the enemy.

Chapter sixteen three-legged trendIt's not easy to get here!"Uncle Akun, are you mistaken?" Look at the darkened sky, step degree root frown to attract the tribe's patriarch, sink a voice asked.浴巾男泡夜店|




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