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屈中恒 杨千霈|清视明目组合Lu bu is not fuel-efficient lamp, cao cao ambush last night, even if is not yuan, it is an advantage, but the final result, but with lyu3 bu4 spell a lose-lose, ten thousand military forces say give up just give up, no hesitation, so decisive and cunning rivals, even a little flaw, can be enlarged unlimitedly, let alone the initiative retreated, the initiative of the battlefield from lyu3 bu4, has been lyu3 bu4 firmly hold in your hand."All right, but remember, don't say more." Liu bei looked at zhang fei and sank his voice."Uncle zhi took Mr. Iranian to the hall first, and I'll follow him." Liu bei wen yan, hurriedly stopped to scold, smile to small general way.

Alliance yuan jia dozen lv bu first, withdraw from the battlefield to let yuan shang contend with yuan tan next, such as dozen almost, cao cao comes out again pick up the pieces, although failed to grasp the opportunity in time like lv bu, but now want to, come early, may not be able to eat soup, but may become the target of public criticism.Zhang he nodded his head with an expressionless look on his face. Under his command, the troops began to move back to their inferior position. Meanwhile, a steady flow of troops came from all directions, including yuan tan's defeated troops and zhang he's troops.People's way of thinking, often have close relation with contact crowd, if didn't meet Addis zhaoyun, or that he and history of the zhaoyun, will not have what distinction, but he met a Addis, then met pang tong, cioffi, perhaps the things they bring zhaoyun is not as active as liu bei to zhaoyun and goodness, but tend to be more realistic.屈中恒 杨千霈|...

屈中恒 杨千霈|< / p > < p > another yuan jun cleverly bent down and cut off the horse leg, the knight on the horse to pull off, did not have time to kill, then the slave soldiers directly ride the horse to let the horse stand up, bowl mouth big iron hooves directly step on the back of the yuan jun, a burst of teeth acid bone crack sound, clever yuan bing never again can stand up."Didn't the duke catch one of them not long ago? Why go too far?" Pang tong leaned back in his chair and said with a pie in his mouth.Although a share in the sun is shining, the air air conditioning, but his city is people, an endless stream, across more than 10, that I do not know what is the breadth to amount to three zhangs condensed is already on the road of people to cars, pedestrians, distance, the walls of the chang 'an is in sight, such as walking near, more can understand the changan grand and spectacular of the city wall, people stood at the gate, really like worm.

"The Lord is serious." Jia xu smiled bitterly, can persuade here, he has tried his best, since lu bu has decided, jia xu can do now, is to help lu bu stability rear.A woman, a once for big han jiangshan, horse freely and freely outside the barrier, countless times in distress the woman that try to turn the tide of the tide, the man of 3 famous and famous world cannot allow her however, not hesitate even cruel hand, zhaoyun is how eyesight, before liu bei's idea how can deceive him?"Never! Guan yu shook his head, three years ago, lu bu defeated xuzhou, almost captured alive by cao cao, only with more than 500 officers and soldiers fled confusingly, exile in the central plains, even later in runan met once, at that time of lu bu looks more like a bandit leader, which would think of a short time of three years, lu bu will have today's power?屈中恒 杨千霈|




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