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9月6日新闻芳草雅秀牌红洋胶囊"No." "Huang zhong replied."When I die, son zhen can succeed me as President of the Confucian institute." Zheng xuan turned his head and looked at zheng xiaotong kindly.These three han emissaries information occlusion, do not know the situation of the big han now, but the heart of the man is a mirror in general.

"You go down." Cao cao waved his hand and told the messenger to leave. Then he looked at the crowd and smiled sadly.Buddhist things gave lyu3 bu4 a wake, now lyu3 bu4, schools of thought contend pattern has now, this is lu bu would like to see the scene, but too much of a good thing in all things, regardless of religion or school, can't from the bondage of the law, more can't enjoy any privileges, privilege can't say completely eliminate, but absolute control, the less the better, for the matter, lyu3 bu4 after return to a title of generals in ancient times mansion, dedicated to bring about some of the justice department official and giffin granted, Chen gong, falling, cao cao, etc, will be devoted to a general framework to this problem.At last night came, and a fire was being built in the camp opposite, but nothing could be seen from the wall except wisps of smoke.9月6日新闻Xu chang, back to the wild goose pavilion, Chen qun some lost to leave, today is to want to redeem the girl for the nighthawl, although to his status status, the identity of the nightingale, let alone a wife, even if the concubine is also impossible, but at least, the better than the wandering dust?

9月6日新闻Although there were cao cao and lu bu in the north, if liu bei really took jingzhou and central shu and allied with jiangdong, even if lu bu destroyed cao cao, the world would still be divided into three parts, and the dispute between the two kingdoms would continue forever."Did not expect, liu bei still rose!" The hussar rode in the mansion, lu bu gave the information to jia xu, shook his head and said with a smile: "it's really time!"However, even though Confucianism is now only one of the many schools in chang 'an, it is definitely higher than the famous scholars in the central plains in terms of international status. This is why the Confucianism has made a fierce fight recently, but it has ignored the solicitation and incitement from the princes of kanto. In short, you are not qualified.

Lu xun and gu shao looked at this scene with great interest, lu bu feng Wolf guxu, the world is singing, there are countless versions of the folk in the spread, now it seems that the story is more interesting than those versions of the folk spread.In the tragic cry, hanzhong officers out of the city in the face of the qiang soldiers want to return to the city, but will soon be annihilated, the rear guard the gate of the soldiers want to close the gate, wei yan has killed to the horse and horse, in the hand of the broadsword left split right cut, then the gate of the soldiers will be scattered.But it is the response of jiangdong intriguing, after cao cao pulled out xiajou dun, lu jiang began to move to the jiangxia area, with zhou yu combined troops against the jiangxia posture, for what happened in the north, and did not cause jiangdong alert, still pay attention to jingzhou area.9月6日新闻





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