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酷比小侦探|阿尔法亚麻酸"Said my general, If your excellency is willing to accept, Tonight, Can take a team to our camp, Then you can go to East Camp, My general will open east camp guard, and He Yi He Man will also be placed in the east camp, when adults just rushed into the east camp, killed He Yi He Man brothers, my general can take the opportunity to lead the surrender of adults, of course, if adults willing to believe, but at the end of the will go back, my adult tonight will carry He Yi He Man's head, come to offer. " Li Bao will be said before the good strategy said again."Master, it doesn't matter?" Zhou Cang came to lyu3 bu4, frown, giffin, after all, is lyu3 bu4 forced to get, if the evil intention, secretly united white water qiang scheming, really can't clean up.

"Little general, the enemy is coming!" Pound pulled to erupt d, sink a track."Before I saved your life, according to the rules of the qiang people, you this life, now is mine, right?" Lyu3 bu4 asked.On the other hand, zhong yao finally across the river, is relieved, suddenly heard someone shouting across the river, hurriedly stood up, is see rushed to a cavalry, see equipment and banner, is clearly lyu3 bu4 troops.酷比小侦探|Of course, people are divided into 369 classes, Liu Bei's identity and fame, Orion's practice is worth transmission, but this is also the reason why the Legalists are not popular, if according to the Legalists' theory, it is really the son of heaven and the common people commit the same crime, obviously touching the interests of the scholar-bureaucrat class.

酷比小侦探|"General guan rest assured, tso since the two ladies, there has been no snub." Coppage nodded."Why? No one wants to? No confidence? Or..." Lyu3 bu4 looked at a group of surrender: "Eight thousand people, unexpectedly not even a brave enough people?"ChengGongYing nodded: "master rest assured, general liang xing has bought a member of marten generals, general liang xing's forces, even at this time has breached the right gansu, d die, west cool will no longer constrain, then master can bully west cool, bully guanzhong, into the world, sit and see kanto governors battle, back can also protect themselves, ceded to the king."

The death of companions, not to be feared, but inspired the cavalry chest anger, more madly urged the horses, toward each other dense formation rushed past.Chapter IX LawImmediately across a pole day painting ji, cold ji front in the weak moonlight under the print, reflecting the cold cold awn, behind the team is the uniform cavalry, neatly and quietly walking on the road, like a branch of the ghost troops walking in the night, only crisp hoofs, echoing in the wilderness.酷比小侦探|





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