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捕鱼网19119澳门公司|美国签证加急预约Ignoring the falling oracles, a night owl stepped forward and bowed to the general, "at the command of the Lord, you are requested to return to the city to meet him.""This is the way to survive in death, which is not suitable for the Lord. If the Lord wants to follow lv bu's example, he will die without a place to bury himself!" Guo jia-su rong said.No matter how you think, now is not the best time to attack the city, people can not help but look at cao cao, waiting for the command of cao cao.

Cao cao shook his head, eyes suddenly looked at a soldier, want to think: "you, and I change the coat.""The champion hou really is different from ordinary people!" Left ci saw lv bu's movement, the eyes of the naked flash: "no wonder the world's fortunes due to the champion hou and change, but for the world's people, it is not necessarily a blessing.Strange?捕鱼网19119澳门公司|Cao cao nodded silently, hoping that the luoyang side of the war can be some progress, otherwise, this is equivalent to three joint attack lv bu, if all the way did not win, then this face can be lost.

捕鱼网19119澳门公司|"Well!" Wei yan, ma chao will bow to a promise, their departure."Gao shu, we haven't seen each other for nearly two years. Ling qi has a lot to say to you. How about drinking with you tonight?" Lv lingqi let everyone back, with zhaoyun followed up.Chapter 92 fighting two great battles

"Why?" More xi dissatisfaction way: "last night if not that yuan shang children delay, son and will not die so miserable!"The yuan jun that has mental not firm sees general situation already gone, lost weapon silently, see someone takes the lead, add yuan xi of the main in the city, han rong already dead, more and more people choose to drop weapon, kneel ground submit to surrender.捕鱼网19119澳门公司|




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