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张一山杨紫挽手|八味百痔灵"Eldest brother, I am willing to lead the troops to end the war." Ma dai urgent way."But I have another identity." Lyu3 bu4 cold eyes swept over all people: "I am still a Han Chinese!""Little Hande, now in the office of sergeant." Cried the young man, his voice falling, and a burst of laughter came immediately behind him.

"Why don't you kill these people!!?" D eyes looked at ma dai, cold tone as if from nine deep and quiet hell surging up the chill, people everywhere cold, is ma dai, also can not help but shudder."My son d, will revenge for me ~" die waiting for larocca, marten face flashed a hue of resentment.张一山杨紫挽手|"Yes." Yang Xi nodded and hesitated. "I heard that Han Sui had colluded with South Xiongnu secretly. Now Han Sui is poor. If his husband pursues him, I am afraid he will lead South Xiongnu to Koubian."

张一山杨紫挽手|"Kill ~" Wei Yan raised his sword, looked up to the sky sent out a violent roar, lost the impact of the cavalry, even less than infantry.Xun yu sat down and handed the bamboo slips to the waiter. "I don't know why the master is happy, but for the moment, yu is bringing two bad news to the master," he said. "I hope the master will forgive me."Around QinBing less and less, cao peng play is also more and more urgent, wei yan is still calm to deal with cao peng more and more fierce attacks, after 30, with the last QinWei issued a desperate scream, drowned in the crowd, cao peng momentum suddenly vent.

Jian'an four years, governors under the eyes of the day, all by cao cao and lombardi is about to open the war, in the northwest land, a scale no less than the battle of guandu, and historical significance no less than the battle of guandu also quietly spread out."What's the difference?" Lyu3 bu4 did not answer directly, these top counselors, the greatest skill in lyu3 bu4 is not their ability, but the mouth, as long as he reveals his own ideas, he will be able to give himself a whole set of other plans, and said the right thing.D nodded, no longer ask.张一山杨紫挽手|




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