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迅捷烈日古器键上飞Chapter 82 the people of shuGet excited! It's death. What's so exciting about it? Guan yu suspected that these hu soldiers were not fed what evil medicine will let these people regardless of life and death rushed up.Zhuge liang knew who lv meng was, but he did not understand what was the purpose of sun quan's appointment of lv meng as the new governor?

"Yuan concession! Cao cao waved his hand and motioned for the scouts to leave. He gave xiahou dun a look of discontent and shook his head.This speech, whether deng xian or liu renrentian and account of the complexion of many generals are not"Well." Liu bei nodded, as lu bu will be a steady stream of western countries to pull when cannon fodder, meat shield, the hope of the yi que pass has not been big.迅捷烈日古器"How many garrisons are there in the city?" Wei yan-shen asked.

迅捷烈日古器"This...... It's a mistake!" Meng da shook his head in embarrassment, and was just about to explain that pang tong, wei yan, fa zheng and others had arrived, and fa zheng had cast a glance at the waiter"So what if it is?" "Liu d 'renrend!" he groaned. He was now preoccupied with seeking revenge, but he did not really want to vote for lu bu, so his attitude was particularly"Back to jiangling! Chen to shook his head, it's no use crying over spilt milk., Jiang Dongjun have prepared on the riverbank, and he brought jiangxia to ambush Jiang Dongjun water-forces, carry are strong GongJin crossbows, whereas the other is fully equipped, and war is not to the director, Chen in this kind of invasion in a disadvantage, unless he is willing to risk the cost of massive casualties rushed up to hard with each other, as long as on shore, Chen to self-confidence, can fight our way out, but that makes no sense, ashore, even before his military forces have to collapse.

Look at a pair of let alone beat scold never return mouth of courtiers, liu zhang suddenly feel from this world deep malice, these courtiers, have decided to abandon their own?Will lay the central plains, after all, by contrast, although borders with jiangdong, jingzhou, at the same time, the two sides and three sides attack, but if lyu3 bu4 first take jingzhou, then to be at the risk of cao cao to cut off the posterior at any time, as for shu, although for milan cao cao is not how to value the eye, but shu of the terrain is too good, route for providing foodstuff, doomed lyu3 bu4 input forces to the offensive, and there are many pass along the way.< / p > < p > all of a sudden the river because of the death of zhou yu the authenticity of the news into chaos.迅捷烈日古器




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