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耽恋依依邓州未来科技"It's no use." Pang tong shook his head and looked at deng xian. "the land is changed. What do you think zhang ren would do?"Deng xian sees wei yan vision to see, slight nod, immediately see to two people way: "I and ask you, that cushion river city guard general is who?""Who is the jiangzhou general?" Pang tong asked deng xian.

Yan yan could not help laughing: "you and so on are too timid, that wei yan is a surplus of soldiers and horses, this area of mountains everywhere, how to display, I only took eight thousand people to fight, there are ten thousand people in the city, after I left, you and so good life guard the city, wait for me to return triumphantly."Pardon, Lord, custom." Giffin nodded with a wry smile: "in fact to Zhou Yuzhi can, if he resist, do not have too much power to prevent sun quan, but in that case, jiangdong will be split, millions of years of work is not enough to calm, but jiangdong, now I have no time to experience a change, and zhou yu didn't also the ambition, sun quan, it has been two years in silence as well as cultivating their bases, therefore, jiangdong have loomed, although has not been intensified, but is gradually sharp, even when zhou yu didn't this idea, but the former veteran will not consciously safeguard the interests of the zhou yu."Military people eagerly waiting for your return to give you a replacement, liu DHS is a suppress panic in my heart, it has been confirmed, but he doesn't know how to back to the army to psychological explanation, one side is your grace, one side is our brothers in arms, the king tired eyes out just hung on the door of the wangs, after confirm those things are true, he did not know how to go to milan耽恋依依Chapter 80 the alliance is dead

耽恋依依"The last officer will be appointed." Deng xianwen, no longer persuade, anyway this left eighty thousand troops already ready, ready to go.As to why separate here, but it is zhuge liang before he left he sent a letter to Chen to, as for the content of the letter, separate ever secretly open, but only very unusual entrust, did not have too much information to show, but after Chen to read the letter, just light swept separate after, tell a separate: "strategist said in the letter you wenwu, is a rare talent, being the case, then stay at jiangxia.""This...... What a commander!" Many of them fell to their knees and stared blankly at the direction of the camp. Many of them began to cry bitterly. Some of them also called for revenge on zhou yu.

Sun quan thought secretly tidy up the week yu, not only because of sun ce things are likely to be zhou yu, but because of the influence of zhou yu, zhou yu's prestige in the army is too big, big to even sun quan holding tardif, follow the leading of sun ce wimer these former turned on, but in jiangdong army, zhou yu in a word, even better than his own commands to work, he can only cultivate their new forces, such as zhou tai, boat squads, is sun quan, in order to have a close team up, even if the two men had also done ShuiFei, sun quan also don't care, he needed, just loyalty."How about these other trails?" Wei yan couldn't help but wonder, not to want to take the path, but have a guard, if someone bypass the path to their rear, it can be broken."Yes." With a sneer, liu looked at pang tong: "don't get close to the general耽恋依依




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