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磷矿概念股新感觉250跑车"The crossbowmen retreat! Gao shun waved and indicated that the crossbow soldiers on the shield started to retreat, while the broken crossbow started to retreat under the protection of the sword and shield.The principle is not hard to guess!< / p > < p > liu bei this expedition, nanyang thirty thousand jingbing but liu bei's family, this time was almost brought out, also can see liu bei's attention to this battle, this nanyang jingbing, but guan yu is trained, although cao jun is equally elite, but guan yu does not think his jingbing on the variance.

"Fire!" Gao shun mercilessly split the hand void."Arrow, fire!""My Lord, I am afraid there is something under the wooden armor that supports it, not human power!" Ma jun stood beside lu bu, pointing to a wooden armor road that was storming the gate.磷矿概念股Lyu3 bu4 have to rejoice, he advocated the competition between schools of thought contend now hundreds of atmosphere has been formed, the ministry is to take the military and scoring with the bread of the craftsman, is good enough to stimulate the creativity of these craftsmen, otherwise, the complacency once appear among the builders, that lyu3 bu4 xiaohong, the aim of has lost its meaning.

磷矿概念股"Yeah." Sun jing wen yan slightly one zheng, thought for a while, nodded his head: "or Mr. Gong da thought comprehensive, static ugly."As liu bei pacify xiangyang, the world seemed to enter the peace period, although everyone knows that the I'm afraid I can't lasting peace, for the war era people, though, if only for a short peace, is also a good thing, as time into sussing out thirteen years of winter, governors thoroughly into the rest of the stage, but the atmosphere of the war, like the cold north wind, all people in my mind, even after years of training and development under the guanzhong lyu3 bu4, enough prosperous, but the news came from the kanto peddler unceasingly, also let the guanzhong people can not help but worry about the war could erupt at any time."Fire!" As standardbearer fast to semaphore will orders, responsible for the conductor broken crossbows array PianJiang commanded, three thousand pieces of broken army was up again, across six hundred steps distance, jun shield car is over there, but bed crossbow has just arrived, three thousand JianCu down, quite a few officers and soldiers carry ballista was shot through the body directly, dozens ballista paralysis.

Dare not to make too many expressions, lyu3 bu4 to his mission was clear, tried all ways, earning the trust of liu bei, without deliberate what to do, only need to plug in to separate the role of, separate myself have been also didn't reveal what clues, but still targeted by zhuge liang, the more afraid to show too many exceptions, maintain the pace of fixed walked towards his home.Another round of broken crossbow falls, and a cao jun who controls the bed crossbow is shot. The unadjusted bed crossbow is fired directly, and a shield truck and two crossbowmen under the shield truck are shot directly through the back.磷矿概念股





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