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香港多维月刊|北京近期拍卖会"Head, look over there, someone!" At this time, a soldier suddenly pointed to the direction outside the city exclaimed, surrounded by liu bijun officers and soldiers smell speech toward the direction of the soldiers pointed to look in the past."No one can stop the hanshi now." "If all the princes in the world were as lovely as liu zhang, the Lord would have ruled the world."Beacon tower, issued a sulk, several soldiers are chatting face can not help a change, immediately alert up, one of them directly picked the torch, the torch on the prepared firewood above, look at others, nod, as long as there is a change, immediately lit beacon.

"My Lord, there is a gentleman who calls himself my Lord and wants to see my Lord." The housekeeper came and bowed to zhang song."Oh?" Zhang song wen yan picked pick eyebrow: "can ever leave a name?"Lv meng looked up at the sky at a loss. There was no cloud in the sky.香港多维月刊|"But it also left a hidden danger. Xu is sure that the news that our army had captured hanzhong was already known to the vassal." Giffin nodded, zhuge liang was walking is gradually integrate, jingzhou first under the four big families of small and medium-sized family after consolidation, again with trend, crushed CAI, according to lu bu with giffin is expected, the fastest also want to early next year to complete, although long time points, but the biggest advantage is that liu bei can complete receiving xiangyang, and by that time, because of the CAI this enemy, resources can be more smooth integration of jingzhou liu bei.

香港多维月刊|At the beginning of February, cao cao, in the name of the son of heaven and lu bu's disobedience, changed the law of the han family without permission. From the eight generations of lu bu's ancestor to dong zhuo, lu bu once killed his master in several ways and suppressed his family in the north. He listed dozens of crimes against lu bu and ordered all the princes of the world to punish lu bu."The shield. Sword and shield ready!""General, look." "What's that?

"General, ask the Lord for help?" See gao shun silent, xu sheng could not help but said."Peng ~""Zheng er remembers." Lv zheng nodded vaguely.香港多维月刊|




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